St Mary’s Church Clock Chimes And Bells Resolution

This is the Resolution made by Ashwell Parish Council on Wednesday 2nd October 2013:

Ashwell Parish Council understands that the clock noise exceeds the WHO guidelines, although we do not understand how this makes them a danger to public health.

If the District Council were to issue a Noise Abatement Notice showing that the quarterly chimes are illegal but the hourly clock strike is acceptable, we would not appeal such an order..

(5 for 2 against 1 abstention) 
ALL comments to be made to:

ImageSt Mary’s Church, Ashwell



The Olympic Torch comes to Ashwell

Celebrate the Olympic Games 2012 in Ashwell on Sunday July 8th 2012.

What’s happening and when

Great news for the village of Ashwell – the real Olympic torch is taking a diversion through the village on Sunday July 8th 2012 and we would like everyone to be there to welcome it.  Join in or watch either from your house, anywhere along the route or at the Recreation Ground for the start and finish.  

You can see from the details below which village organisation will be carrying the Olympic torch (yes the real one!) along the roads and where the handovers will take place. There will be a festival atmosphere with music along the route and at the Recreation Ground.

The Village Sports Day will follow its usual format from 2.00pm –  5.00pm. Do come and take part or watch as this year there will be a grand finale! The beacon will be lit by a very special Ashwell Celebrity. Refreshments will be available (courtesy of the Ashwell Tennis and Sports Club) at the end.

Approx time of handover Handover No.   Leaders with torch – others follow
17.00   Cycle club bring torch to Recreation ground Cycle Club
Walk around the Rec. Village Sports
Walk around the playground area; Playgroup
Leave Rec., along Lucas Lane right down Spring Head to junction, turn left to Spring head/Mill St and Cow lane Cricket club
From grassy area in front of gate at bottom of Mill Street continue to church lych gate Accies
Enter lych gate, around church and churchyard, out lych gate Asheteria
Out lych gate, turn left continue to Swan St, then right in front of museum to  Gardiner’s Lane.  Left to High St.  At High St turn left(southern pavement)and along to gate into URC grounds Beavers/ Rainbows
Out back gate URC and right along Silver St. Left up Bear Lane to junction with Ashwell St at fenced grass area Karate club
Left Along Ashwell St, left through Angels Meadow, down steps, right into Silver St and left in back gate to URC grounds Guides
From URC front gate, right along Lucas Lane (via Springs) to Recreation ground Cubs
Walk across Recreation Ground British Legion
18.30   Beacon lighting all

The official torch relay will be in Letchworth in the morning from 11.20 until 11.50 and then it will be ‘trucked’ to Stevenage.

This is perfect timing for you all to go to Letchworth ( if you want to) and then to return to Ashwell for an action packed afternoon and early evening.Map of torch route around Ashwell

Margaret Budgen on behalf of AVOG ( Ashwell Village Olympics Group)

742166 margaret @

Ashwell Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Took place at Ashwell Recreation Ground on 3rd June 2012.

Getting ready for the Olympic Games 2012

Ashwell Village Olympic Group (AVOG)
AVOG has been started with the aim of celebrating in Ashwell the 2012 Olympic Games. The Group is not just focusing on sport, but also the Olympic values of respect, friendship and excellence and the Paralympic values of equality, inspiration, determination and courage.

All village organisations are invited to participate in the group and think of some ways of incorporating their own activities in 2012. The group have already decided that a special celebration will be organised on Sunday 8 July, the day the Olympic torch will travel from Cambridge to Luton.

Ideas or advice on events and ways of celebrating should be sent to Margaret Budgen on 01462 742166 or sent to